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what is money? and why do we have such a weird relationship with it?


//crochet avocado earrings

these earrings are the most popular design so far, as they often get quite a reaction! they are able to be dressed up or worn as a feature. or worn as an everyday item - they go well with earthy colours, dark and light greens and browns


//crochet watermelon earrings 

the original crochet earrings design! these earrings have been making an appearance now for about a year, and are again able to be dressed up or worn casually. they are bold and bright colours, awesome to wear with other reds and green (christmas time?).


//crochet orange earrings

the newest edition to the fruit family! these earring may be called 'oranges' but they are really up for your interpretation, whether you prefer manadrins or peaches!