Hazey started off being a name under which I wanted to start selling the clothes and other crafty things I made, as a platform to show to the wider world what I was capable of making. Over the past 6 months though - it has been a battle of off and on with this 'concept'. Hazey and I have had a lot of fights, some days we are close others we hate each other. We actually broke up at one point (sorry). As you can tell - I refer to Hazey in this post as a person, and real live a thing. That because I believe that anything we create becomes their own entities. Once the idea is turned into physical form, its born into this world.  

I have finally come to the point in my creative journey where I know that it is not easy. To any other artist out there - you understand the struggle. The internal conflict, the constant nagging of the ego telling us that are work isnt good enouh and no one will ever want to see it/wear it. 

After months of battle between my creative mind and ego, I have come to a balance. I think. Any art, music or craft that is produced is beautiful. The fact that it is created in the first place is a form of expression adn magic. 

I have found that the creative process is somethign that is not really known or discussed in todays conversation - as being seen as an artist or designer by society often comes with negative connotations, unfortunately. Through this platofrm I will not only be selling and showing off the stuff I make, I will also be writing a lot about creative living and how everyone should live up to and respect their inner artist, as it the most pure and individual thing about a person.  

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