Hazey started off being a name under which I wanted to start selling the clothes and other crafty things I made, as a platform to show to the wider world what I was capable of making. Over the past 6 months though - it has been a battle of off and on with this 'concept'. Hazey and I have had a lot of fights, some days we are close others we hate each other. We actually broke up at one point (sorry). As you can tell - I refer to Hazey in this post as a person, and real live a thing. That because I believe that anything we create becomes their own entities. Once the idea is turned into physical form, its born into this world.  

I have finally come to the point in my creative journey where I know that it is not easy. To any other artist out there - you understand the struggle. The internal conflict, the constant nagging of the ego telling us that are work isn't good enough and no one will ever want to see it/wear it. 

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After months of battle between my creative mind and ego, I have come to a balance. I think. Any art, music or craft that is produced is beautiful. The fact that it is created in the first place is a form of expression and magic.

So please, wander around this little Hazey world, it isn't much at the moment but things take time!

Please feel free to message me in the contact section, I would love to hear from you! 


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