Books that are good

In this section of the website i wanted to create a list of my favourite books or books that have really made an impact on me and that i think that everyone should read. If you are not into reading, there are so many more options today when it comes to personal learning, such as; audio books, youtube, live webinars/seminars, podcast.

Hopefully this list will inspire you to take on your own personal studies and to expand your mind and learn content that is not taught in mainstream education.


Josh Hedge

As I was reading Seeds for Truth, I felt as though I was reading my own thoughts. Except, they were thoughts that i didn't think were valid, were real or that in fact anyone else thought them too. Reading Josh's books showed me that at least one other person on this planet thought the same way i did, thought about the same things. And it turns out, a lot of people do think like this, they just don't know it and they don't embrace it. If you have ever thought that mainstream media, education and society was a bit of an illusion to what is really going on, then these book will help you to understand the bigger picture as Josh talks in depth about so many challenging topics that don't come up in every day conversation - but should. I think these books are a MUST READ for any young person struggling to find their way, but also anyone who is looking to find more truth in life.  


More coming soon...